Wednesday, February 21, 2007

A few random thoughts

After posting the pictures of my so called ABC scrapbook I realized just how cheesy they look! Sometimes I think I might have just an ounce of talent in the art department, only to realize later on that it was just a dream. Given that, I will continue to post some pictures of my scrapbook, even though they must look like some sort of child's play...yes, I will post. Just because I can! Laugh if you must. I know, I know, your scrapbooks are probably ten times better than mine and prettier too. I just need this blog to hold me accountable in finishing said project. That in itself will be a feat. Once I'm done with this I'll hold a party. Maybe I'll invite you to come. Just don't bring your pretty scrapbooks because then I'll feel so bad about my job not well done. Anyhoo, moving on...
Today after WOW I was given out church photo directory. I have always loved photo directories...not because my picture was in it but because I could finally place the face with the name. I am SO BAD when it comes to remembering names. We have been at this church for about four years now and know quite a few people. My problem is that after I meet them for the first time, I'm so lame to not ask for their name again because...I SHOULD KNOW THEIR NAME ALREADY! I'd rather spare me the embarrassment of the whole situation. So, there I was in the car, driving home from church, and every time we came to a red stoplight I would pull out the directory to browse through it. After I would see a familiar face, I would study the name and pray that I would remember it the next time I see that person. Am I the only one who does this? Weird, I know. I also like seeing family pictures of people I know. Maybe it's a way of me peering into that person's life for just a teeny tiny moment. In a picture, everyone smiles (usually) and looks their best. It's a great way to make your family look like the perfect family. We try, don't we? I love photo directories!!!
I have been on this chocolate craze for about three or four weeks now. It has lessened since Valentines Day but still, I am craving chocolate just like my need for air. I need chocolate in some form every single day. Some days I find myself stealing a few chocolate chips. They aren't even in the cookies...just from the bag! Sad, I know!
This ends my random thoughts for the day. Whew!

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Amy said...

I love your scrapbook and I think you definitely have talent! When you do have your little party, I'll come and bring a scrapbook I've made... then you'll REALLY feel good about your abilities!