Friday, May 9, 2008

For a little bambino

An old dear friend is having a baby soon and I had wanted to make the baby a little quilt or something really crafty but then we got really busy with trying to sell the house so that was put on the back burner.
Instead of a quilt I opted to make something different. I can't take any credit for this idea because I saw it on the Martha Stewart show a while back. I zig-zagged some silhouettes of different objects or animals on some plain onesies. I made five in all, and my favorite of the five is this next one:
It's a silhouette of a wiener dog...and the body of the dog wraps around the side of the onesie to the back.
I hope the baby loves them!

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Emma's Mom said...

Sister, I love this idea! You are so talented! I think that I am going to look for some (big) onesies that I can do that to, that Matthew can run around in...big boy rompers! :) Love you, and Happy MOther's Day!