Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Late night visitor

Last night I was sitting on the couch, veggin' out with the television while Mike was downstairs studying for his test this morning. I was in the "zone" when all of a sudden someone was knocking on our kitchen door. It wasn't a subtle knock, but one of urgency. This knock scared the living daylights out of me. I jumped off the couch and ran halfway down the hallway deliberating on if I should open the door or not. It was close to 9:30 pm and nobody really uses our kitchen door, and we live downtown for petes sake...who would want anything to do with us at that hour? So I froze and yelled down to Mike to come upstairs and answer the door for me. I was just sure it was some kind of an axe murderer or something. Mike came up and looked out the kitchen window when this person knocked on the door again. So he went over to the door and peeped through that peep hole, but didn't recognize the person on the other side. He went back over to the kitchen window and opened it up ever so slightly (and much safer mind you,) and the man outside is pleading us to give him something to do. Anything. Take the trash out, clean the yard, anything to make a few bucks to get him back to the county on a bus. I've heard this line before but have only heard it in the daytime when I have felt relatively safe. Then he said, "I saw that your lights were on. I just had to come and get help. I just got out of prison and I have my papers to prove that I was just discharged..." What oh what were we to do? Mike told him that we couldn't do anything right now because we had two kids upstairs sleeping...(in other words...keep the racket down already!) and we just weren't in any kind of position to help him out at the moment. In all actuality the moment scared me to death. We could have let this man in our house and something horrible could have happened. But we could have also just given him a buck or two and let him be on his way. Being in the inner city has taught me to think twice about what it is that we do with our family and our money... but still there is another voice in my head that says and even thinks...maybe this is someone I could trust and just help out. Isn't that what Jesus would want us to do? Help the stranger, go out of your comfort zone and be a servant? It's a dilemma we often face being here in the city. Sometimes I'd like to think that we are acting like Jesus would want us to. Sometimes I think that I've missed the mark. All I can I can do is try to be better!

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