Thursday, September 6, 2007

My Sisters Birthday Presents

This tote was made for my older sister who has two kids...the pattern is nearly identical to the black and white tote I made earlier, with a few minor alterations. I didn't have any other quilted fabric so I attempted to quilt the fabric I purchased by hand. I added a pocket inside, and while it's not perfect, it turned out ok!
This purse I made for my younger sister who has no children. It's a bit funkier in design, in fact, I made the design up myself. This purse probably turned out the best out of all the totes/purses I have made thus far - I'm slowly realizing how to make each one a bit better than the last. I also tried something new with this purse - D rings. That's how I attached the strap.

Another look of the two side by side. Happy Birthday girls! I love you!


Emma's Mom said...

I LOVE MY PURSE!!!! Thank you so much! I have completely "moved into it" and abandonded all others! I have gotten many compliments on it, and perhaps the best compliment for you: I immediately made a HUGE one for myself to take grocery shopping! Go GREEN!!!

Amy said...

I LOVE MYYYYYYY PURSE TOO! Thanks a million - you are crafty as heck, girly!