Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A little home spa therapy...

A few years ago after I had come back from my music camp in Brevard, NC I had one desire to purchase a spa-like piece of equipment. You see, while we were in the thick of things in music camp, playing...oh...around eight to ten hours of music every day your muscles and joints would sometimes start to hurt. Yes, we all overdid the playing at one point or another. But to remedy the situation, the camp nurse offered free weekly 10 minute massages to the first fifteen people who signed up. You had to act quickly my friends. Those massages were like heaven. I still love them. I didn't go out and purchase a professional masseuse mind you. She turned me on to something else quite lovely. Something called Hot Paraffin Wax Treatment...or something like that. You might think that it sounds ridiculous sticking a body part into hot melted wax...why would anyone do that? Oh people...if you only knew! It is such a treat to the skin. When the wax has melted, you dip your hand (or it could be your elbow, foot whatever) into the hot paraffin six to seven times quickly. After taking your hand out, it is covered in waxy goodness so you must wrap them in bags. In my opinion, the bags help to lock the heat in, and seal in the moisturizing effects this has. After sitting for a few minutes, letting your mind do nothing but wander (because really, what else could you be doing while your hands are covered in wax?) you get to unwrap those bags and take the wax off and deposit it back in the crock. The whole process is so soothing...and that's why I brought it out of the closet yesterday. Yesterday was one of those crazy like days when my mind just couldn't stop the madness! The kids were constantly screaming for attention, if not screaming at each other, and there were a million things that needed to be done. My head was spinning and I was in a foul mood. Yes, it happens on occasion. Please forgive me. I needed something for myself. Something to soothe me. The answer...hot paraffin wax treatment. It's what I call a little piece of serenity in my house. You should try it!

This is the crock with the melted wax inside

The melted wax

Dipping your hand in the wax (yes, I'm odd for taping it, but a girl's gotta show you how to do it!)

Depositing the wax back in the crock

Now let it melt again!

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