Thursday, June 7, 2007

A story of the Mutant Tomatoes

Over a month ago I had an idea to start a small tomato garden outside of my kitchen window. It would be fun I thought to myself. We'd have delicious tomatoes that we could pick off the vine ourselves. We'd eat them every day! They would be the best tomatoes anyone has ever seen.
I purchased three different tomato plants at the Home Depot ~ Roma tomatoes, Mr. Stripey heirloom tomatoes, and Yellow Pear tomatoes. I thought the variety would be fun. And as they were growing outside I could just glance out the window and marvel at the process happening before my very eyes.
The plants grew very quickly. One plant practically quadrupled in size. I was so excited! Then, the little yellow blossoms starts showing. I thought they were really nice. I have never grown any kind of vegetable before and so anything new here was progress. I waited and waited to see any sign of tomatoes springing forth. When my inlaws were here visiting a week or so ago it finally happened. Two oblong shaped tomatoes popped out overnight. I was thrilled! I watched to see how much they would grow. I watered them. I hoped they would grow and turn out to become beautiful tomatoes, the very first tomatoes that I had ever grown myself. I was so proud of these tomatoes.
When I first decided to place my tomatoes outside of my kitchen window I had a brief thought that the tomatoes, if they chose to grow, would turn out to be some kind of mutant tomatoes, seeing as how they were being grown on the street...literally! I didn't dare plant them in my backyard, seeing as how the rats would probably get to the tomatoes before I ever could. Even thinking that the rats could touch them gives me the goosebumps. Gross! So I planted them in the window box to keep them from large city rats. Mike didn't think that we'd end up with any tomatoes. He assumed that the birds would get to them and eat them before they ripened. I didn't anything or anyone would touch or harm them.
I was wrong.
Shortly after my inlaws left I noticed my two prized tomatoes growing rather nicely. I even thought that they were starting to change colors from green to red! The bottoms of each fruit had turned a color that was like a deep purple - and I just knew that it wouldn't be long before we'd be able to enjoy them. I waited and waited to see if the color would spread to the rest of the fruit, but it didn't.

After talking with my older sister last night I realized that I had a problem on my hands. My tomatoes had blossom end rot...and I needed to get rid of them. So I'm trying something she suggested...and if it doesn't work...older sister, you know who you are!!! She suggested that I try putting banana peels and or pieces of banana in the dirt. So this morning after I took off the rotten tomatoes, I placed a banana peel around my three plants.
I'm waiting and watching carefully and hoping against all odds that my tomatoes will be fruitful!

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