Thursday, June 21, 2007

Paint and Stainless Steel

We have been slowing down in the kitchen department lately. I guess it can be difficult to paint an entire room when you have two children pulling on your pant legs! Mike has also been busy getting ready for his boards in July. So, this part has taken us a bit longer than we had anticipated. We have, however, picked out a paint color for the kitchen. It is called "Sensible Hue" from the Home Depot. I, on the other hand, prefer to call it "Masking Tape". It truly is a bit toned down and we both thought that having a lighter color in the kitchen would compliment the cabinets and counter nicely. The color is growing on me!
We have also been trying to put up the backsplash. Some of the stainless steel panels were a bit difficult to put up, seeing as how Mike needed to cut out the holes for the outlets and switch plate. But they are all up now, and the kitchen looks quite sparkly. It has a really nice modern flavor to it. Even though the entire kitchen isn't quite done yet it's looking marvelous!

Here, the flash of the camera is on but the under the cabinet lights are not on.

Let's add some pizazz! The lights under the cabinets are on!
The color - "Masking Tape" - whoops, I mean "Sensible Hue"...
It appears a bit darker in the photo than it actually is.

Sorry for the bad picture here. Just wanted to show a difference in the choice of colors. The previous yellow was a bit more mustardy than what it looks like in the picture. The white (or shall I say "masking tape" color) in the middle is the new color.

Now this picture pretty much is exactly as it looks. It's not too bad...for masking tape!

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1 busy mom! said...

Wow!! I love it. I can't believe how different it looks with the backsplash done. So pretty and modern looking. Good job guys!